About Us

How We Met

We started school at WUSOP on August 7, 2006. We were assigned seats during orientation week. I sat beside Wesley's friend, and Wesley sat in the row behind us. We started talking about our similar music interests, and by the next week, he started sitting right beside me.
Wesley had a crush on me from the start, and I thought that he was a wonderful friend. In late October 2006, our class traveled to Raleigh for a North Carolina Association of Pharmacists convention, and I realized that I liked him more than just as a friend. By November we were officially dating!

The Very Beginning

We started officially dating November 5, 2006.  This picture is from around that time.  We could not get enough of each other!

About Wesley

Wesley grew up in Rockingham, NC.  He is a proud alumni of Richmond Senior High where he played football for the Raiders!  Wes attends Wingate University School of Pharmacy and joined the Beta Omega chapter of Phi Delta Chi with the Delta class.  He is super smart, and he loves to be a goof ball and have a good time!  Wes can tell you all about drugs, sing every song on the radio, and quote every line from any movie he's ever seen.


Wesley loves to fish.  I'll go sit with him while he fishes as long as he throws them back!!

About Robin

I grew up in Morristown, TN.  I also attend WUSOP and can't wait until I graduate in May 2010!  I'm also a Brother of PDC, and I'm a member of the Gamma Class.  I love crafts! I like to make clothes, purses, soap, and jewelry, and I can sew, knit, and crochet.  I love animals, and I don't eat them.  I enjoy most types of music, especially that of the rock variety.  Although I am not very athletic, I love hiking, camping, and the outdoors in general.  So far, I'm having fun planning my wedding!

We like to dress up.